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Designing Static WebPages


Questions: Level 1

1 What is the first tag in html document?
A <html>
B <head>
C <title>
D </html>

2 The <b> tag makes the enclosed text bold, which other html tag is used to make text bold?
A <dark>
B <bold>
C <th>
D <strong>

3 Which html tag is used to display a picture in a web page?
A <src>
B <img>
C <img src>
D <image>

4 what is the full form of HTTP?
A Hyper text testing protocol
B Hyper text transfer protocol
C Hyper test transfer protocol
D Hyper text transfer program

5 Which html tag inserts a line horizontally in a page?
A <lr>
B <l>
C <hr>
D <line>

6 What is the full form of CSS?
A Computer style sheet
B Cascading style sheet
C Cascading system style
D Customized style sheet

7 Which html tag is the smallest heading?
A <h1>
B <h2>
C <h6>
D <head>

8 What is the another name of web address?
B Html
C Http
D Webpage

9 What are the two main parts, available in html document?
A Title and Body
B Head and title
C Head and Body
D Head and document

10 Which character in html is used to indicate end tag?
A \
B /
C !
D <#

11 Which symbols starts with html comments?
A <!
B </
C <#
D <\

12 Which is used to publish the webpage to a web hosting server?
A Http
B Php
C Kompozer
D Blogger


Questions: Level 2

1 Which attribute is used with <td> tag to merge two cells horizontally?
A Colspan = 2
B Rowspan = 2
C Mergerows
D mergecols

2 Which tag creates a checkbox for a form in html?
A <check box>
B <input check box>
C <input = check box>
D <input type = “check box”>

3 Which html tag is used to add a row in a table?
A <tr> and </tr>
B <cr> and </cr>
C <th> and </th>
D <td> and </td>

4 Which html tag is used to divide a row into data cells?
A <tr> and </tr>
B <cr> and </cr>
C <th> and </th>
D <td> and </td>

5 Which is the correct syntax for adding alternate text for image, if the image cannot be displayed?
A <img src = “boat.gif” alt = “big boat”/>
B <img src = “boat.gif” alt text = “big boat”/>
C <img src = “boat.gif” alternate = “big boat”/>
D <img src = “boat.gif” alternate text = “big boat”/>

6 Which is the correct H1 tag for right alignment?
A <h1 align = “right”>.....</h1>
B <h1 tag align = “right”>.....</h1>
C <h1 align = “r”>.....</h1>
D <h1 alignment = “right”>.....</h1>

7 What is the use of forms in HTML?
A To display a table
B To display a list
C To send the data to server
D To display email contents

8 What is the correct syntax for making a hyperlink?
A <http: //”</a>
B <url = “http: //”>nimi
C <a href = “http://”>nimi</a>
D <a ref = “http://”>nimi</a>

9 Which is the correct tag for adding iframe in html?
A <iframe> </iframe>
B <iframe =”http: //”></iframe>
C <iframe src = “http: //”></iframe>
D <iframe href = “http: //”> </iframe>

10 what is the correct html tag for adding a background color?
A <body color = “Yellow”>
B <body bgcolor = “Yellow”>
C <body background = “Yellow”>
D <body bg = “Yellow”>

11 How do you add a link which will allow the visitor to send an email from the page?
A <a href = “mailto : youradderss”>
B <a href = “sendmailtoyour address”>
C <a=”mailto”>
D <href = “mailto”>

12 What will happen, If the background image is smaller than the screen, what will happen?
A It will be stretched
B It will leave a blank space at the bottom of the page
C It will leave a blank space at the top of the page
D It will be repeated

13 Which is the correct css syntax?
A body: color = black;
B body { color; black}
C {body: color : black;}
D {body : color = black;}

14 which is the correct html tag for making a text input field?\
A <text type = “Text”>
B <input type = “text”>
C <input type = “textfield”>
D <input type = “textbox”>


15 Which is the correct html tag for creating password field?
A <text type = “password”>
B <input type = “pwd”>
C <input type = “password”>
D <input type = “passcode”>

16 What is the correct html code for inserting a background image?
A <Body background = “image jpg”>
B <body = “image.jpg”>
C <background = “image.jpg”>
D <body background = image.jpg>

17 Which option will match, while making bulleted list?
A Square, disc, polygon
B triangle, disc, circle
C triangle, square, circle
D disc, circle, square

18 What is the meaning of increase the cell padding?
A Increase the thickness of table border
B Increase the space between cells
C Increase the distance between cell and content
D Increase the no of cells

19 Which property of cells will how many rows a cell should span?
A Colspan = 5
B Rowspan = 5
C Cellspan = 5
D Span = 5

20 Which web language give more control over the HTML elements and allows them to change at any time without returning to the Web server?

Questions: Level 3

1 What will be the output of the following HTML code?



2 What is the output of the following html?

<h2>NIMI<small>CHENNAI</small> formatting</h2>

A NIMI chennai
C NIMI chennaiformatting

3 What is the output of the following html code?

A NIMI chennai
B NIMI chennai
C NIMI chennai

4 Which of the following code is used to add a plain color background to the web page?
A <body bgcolor = “36, 2437”>

B <body color = “#FF000”>

C <body bgcolor = “#FF000”>
D <bgcolor = “blue”>

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