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Workshop Calculation and Science

2nd Year

Module 8 - Estimation and Costing

1: What is the other term used for reference table?
A : Dictionary
B : Biography
C : Bibliography

D : Information Table

2: Which hand book referred by machine engineer?
A : Parryʹs cheorikal

C : Mark standard
D : Oxford Dictionary

3: What is a hand book?
A : Model book of various works

B : Type of reference work or other collection of instruction
C : Design book of latest works
D : Dictionary of materials

4: Which standard schedule of rates to be considered for estimation?
A : Standard schedule of rates of the last year
B : Standard schedule of rates of the average of the last 10 years
C : Standard schedule of rates of the average of last 5 years

D : Standard schedule of rates of the current year

5: What is an over estimate?
A : When an estimate is exceeded to actual estimate
B : When an estimate is fell short of the actual estimate
C : When an estimate perfectly matches the actual estimate
D : No work started as per estimate

6: What is a under estimate?
A : No work started as per estimate
B : An estimate perfectly matches with actual

C : An estimate is fell short of the actual estimate
D : An estimate is exceeded the actual estimate
7: What is the term used for the method of calculating various quantities and expenditure on a particular job or process?

A : Estimation
B : Drawing
C : Specification
D : Plan













8: What is the main factor to be considered while preparing a detailed estimate?
A : Shape of material
B : Brand of the materials

C : Quantity, availability and transportation of materials
D : Location of material

9: Which authority publishes schedule of rates?
A : Individual
B : Corporate
C : Partnership firm

D : Government department

10: What is the name of a booklet, the rates of various terms are indicated?
A : Price bank
B : Price bunch
C : Price tag

D : Price catalogue

11: What is the term, for the details of materials, brand name, grade of quality, rating of current and voltage etc.?
A : Drawing

B : Specification of materials
C : Raw materials
D : Price catalogue

12: What is the use of engineering drawing?

A : For estimation of material and execution of work
B : For colourful appearance
C : For reducing the cost
D : For increasing the cost

13: What is the other term of pocket reference in engineering works?
A : Hand tool

B : Hand book
C : Good book
D : New book

14: Which one is related to estimation of work?

A : Bill of material
B : Packing
C : Information table
D : Hand book















15: What is a total cost?
A : Raw material cost only
B : Machining cost only

C : Raw materials cost and machining cost
D : Advertisement cost only

16: Who prepares the cost of estimation?
A : Operator
B : Quality Inspector

C : Estimator
D : Draughts man

17: Which one is included in machining estimation sheet?
A : Transport cost
B : Advertisement cost

C : Raw material cost
D : Tax

18: What is the minimum permissible size of aluminium wire used in estimation?

A : 1.5
B : 2.5
C : 5
D : 3.5

19: What is the minimum permissible area of conductor (U/G cable) for three and half cores cable?
A : 25

B : 50
C : 5
D : 100

20: Which one is the most reliable estimate?
A : Preliminary estimate
B : Plinth area estimate
C : Cube rate estimate

D : Detailed estimate

21: Which IE rules are to be verified on completion of wiring on any new installation?
A : IE Rules, 1956
B : IE Rules, 1960
C : IE Rules, 1961
D : IE Rules, 1967

22: What describes the detailed specification for the item of work?

A : Quality, Quantity, Workmanship, Method of execution
B : Colour
C : Tax, Transport, Overhead expenses
D : Maintenance, Stock, Cost

23: Which of the impurity in cast iron makes it hard and brittle?
A : Silicon

B : Sulphur
C : Manganese
D : Phosphorus
















24: What cables are used for 132KV lines?
A : High tension
B : Super tension
C : Extra high tension

D : Extra super voltage

25: Which specification is other than general specification?
A : Brief specification
B : Bulk specification

C : Detailed specification
D : Main specification

26: What percentage of water absorbed by a good building stone?
A : Less than 10%
B : Less than 20%
C : Less than 8%

D : Less than 5%

27: What is the relative permittivity of rubber?
A : Between 2 and 3
B : Between 5 and 6
C : Between 8 and 10
D : Between 12 and 14

28: What is the weight of the iron ball has volume of 250 cc and density 7.5 gm/cc?
A : 1750 gram

B : 1875 gram
C : 1975 gram
D : 1785 gram

29: What is the weight of a rectangular block of a cost iron of 250cm X 20cm X 8cm (density of cast iron is 7.8 gm/cm³)?

A : 312 kg
B : 372 kg
C : 410 kg
D : 525 kg

30: What is the total estimation cost for making the component of 8 drilled hole dia 10 mm and 4 Numbers of M6 taps in the plate, if Rs.8/- per drilled holes and Rs.12 per drill and tap?
A : Rs.102
B : Rs.100

C : Rs.112
D : Rs.110

31: What is the estimation of milling cost of a rectangular block size 100 X 80 X60 mm, if cost of the milling is Rs.2/
A : Rs.652/-

B : Rs.752/-
C : Rs.572/-
D : Rs.960/-















32: What is the total wattage in a room if 2 tube lights of 50W rating, 2 fans of 80W rating, 2 numbers of light points of 60W rating, one fan point of 60W rating and one 3 pin socket of 100W rating?
A : 340 W
B : 440 W

C : 540 W
D : 640 W

33: What is the total labour charges for a particular wiring work completed in 2 days by one electrician and one helper.(Electrician @ ₹800/day and helper @ ₹ 400/day)
A : Rs. 2000

B : Rs. 2400
C : Rs. 3000
D : Rs. 1400

34: What is the total cost of painting of a class room including ceiling, if the size of length is 6m, breadth is 5m and height is 4m. (Painting + labour cost Rs.150/- per sq.m)
A : Rs.15000/-
B : Rs.16700/-

C : Rs.17700/-
D : Rs.18700/-

35: What is the total cost to assemble 10 personal computer systems, spares cost as given for one system: 1 TB hard disc Rs.4500/-, Intel i3 mother board Rs.7000/-, SMPS Rs.2500/-, monitor Rs.6000/-, keyboard Rs.1000/-, other material cost (Switches, USB, Cables etc.,) Rs.6500/-?

A : Rs.275000/-
B : Rs.250000/-
C : Rs.225000/-
D : Rs.265000/-

36: What is the total construction cost of a house construction area of 3000 sq.ft. (cost of construction Rs.2000/- per sq.ft including material and labour)?
A : Rs.30,000,000

B : Rs.60,00,000
C : Rs.6,00,000
D : Rs.6,000,000

37: What is the total cost of Air-conditioners installed in a college, 40 class room-each 1 Air conditioner, Computer lab 5 Air- conditioners and conference hall 5 Air-conditioners (Cost of one air conditioner Rs.30000/- including installation)?
A : Rs.10 lakhs
B : Rs. 20 lakhs
C : Rs. 12 lakhs

D : Rs. 15 lakhs

38: What is the total estimation cost for mandrel, if density is 7.8 gm/cm² and material cost is Rs.240 kg?
A : 0.65 kg
B : 0.90 kg
C : 0.70 kg

D : 0.75 kg

39: What is the estimation of labour charge for making inside square of size 30 X 30 mm, if making charge Rs.500/10cm²?
A : Rs.500/-

B : Rs.450/-
C : Rs.350/-
D : Rs.400/-

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