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Workshop Calculation and Science

2nd Year

Module 6 - Heat Treatment

1: What are the various types of heat treatment processes?
A : Annealing, Normalising, Hardening and Tempering
B : Normalising, Heating, Cooling and Painting
C : Hardening, Soaking, Painting and Packing
D : Tempering, Cooling, Packing and Solling

2: What is the process of heat treatment?

A : The process of heating and cooling to change the structure and properties
B : The process of heating to change the dimensions
C : The process of cooling to measure the dimensions
D : The process of heating and bending as per our requirement

3: What are the various stages of heat treatment?
A : Heating, Cooling and Quenching
B : Quenching, Cooling and Heating

C : Heating, Soaking and Quenching
D : Soaking, Quenching and Cooling

4: What is the name of the structure formed, if a steel is heated for about 723°C?
A : Cementide

B : Austenite
C : Martensite
D : Ferrite

5: Which heat treatment process is done to refine the grain structure of the steel?
A : Annealing

B : Normalising
C : Hardening
D : Tempering
6: What is the name of heat treatment process done to relieve strain and stress?
A : Normalising

B : Annealing
C : Hardening
D : Tempering













7: Which process produce equilibrium conditions?
A : Annealing and Hardening
B : Normalising and Tempering

C : Annealing and Normalising
D : Normalising and Tempering

8: Which process steel is heated in a carbonaceous atmosphere for the penetration of carbon?
A : Case hardening
B : Nitriding

C : Carburising
D : Induction hardening

9: Which is the suitable nitriding process for all alloyed and unalloyed steels?
A : Silver nitriding

B : Nitriding in salt-bath
C : Nitriding in Quenching tank
D : Gas nitriding

10: What is the name of the heat treatment process, where the metal is heated and quenched in water or oil?

A : Hardening
B : Normalising and Tempering
C : Annealing
D : Tempering

11: Which is a kind of surface hardening process?
A : Cementide
B : Ferrite

C : Nitriding
D : Tempering

12: How much time is allowed normally in soaking zone for a 10mm thick metal piece while hardening?

A : 5 minutes
B : 10 minutes
C : 15 minutes
D : 20 minutes
















13: What is colour of a metal piece when heated to 250°C while doing the tempering process?
A : Blue

B : Brown
C : Purple
D : Pale

14: What is the purpose of tempering a steel?

A : To reduce the brittleness
B : To remove the ductility
C : To increase the hardness
D : To increase the brittleness

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