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Theory Exam Paper

1. Special effects used to introduce Slide In A Presentation are called-                                                                                

A) Effect

B) Custom animations

C) Transitions

D) Present Animations

2. The View That Displays The Slides On A Presentation As Miniature As Miniature Representations Of

The Slides Is Called-                                                                                                                                                       (Jan 2019)    

A) Slide Show

B) Slide Sorter View

C) Notes Page View

D) Outline View

3. In Microsoft PowerPoint Two Kind Of Sound Effects Files That Can Be Added To The Presentation Are-            (Jan 2019)

A) .Wav Files And .Mid Files

B) .Wav Files And .Gif Files

C) .Wav Files And .jpg Files

D) .jpg Files And .Gif Files

4. A ____________In a table Represents A Relationship Among A Set Of Values.                                                               (2019)

A) Column

B) Key

C) Row

D) Entry

5. The Term _____________Is Used To Refer To a Row In Table.                                                                                          (2019)

A) Attribute

B) Tuple

C) Field

D) Instance

(Jan 2019) 

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