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Computer Basics and Software Installation


Questions: Level 1

1 What is the capacity of typical DVD?
A 40 MB
B 50 MB
C 60 MB
D 4.7 GB

2 Which process is used to record data on to an optical disc?
A Burning
B Reading
C Accepting
D Accessing

3 Which software interface the major hardware components of the computer with OS?

4 What is BIOS?
A firmware
B Hardware
C Middleware
D Software





Questions: Level 2

1 What is the purpose of Nero StartSmart?
A Format HDD
C Format pen drive
D Format CD/DVD

2 Which system is used by bluetooth for board casting?
A Satellite
B Microwaves
C Telephone lines
D Radio waves

3 Which one is used as authentication for paring bluetooth devices?
A Keyboard
B Keycode
C Passcode
D Password

4 Which program is used to enable the devices to work with OS ?
A Antivirus
B Device driver
C System Software
D Application Software

5 What is the name of the smaller divisions made in Hard disk?
A Head
B Partitions
C Sectors
D Tacks

6 Which key is used to open CMOS setup utility?
A Alt
B Del
C Enter
D Tab

7 What is the process of deleting all the data on the hard drive?
A Delete
B Erase
C Formatting
D Uninstall

Questions: Level 3

1 What is the purpose of BIOS shadow?
A Copying RAM to ROM
B Coping ROM to RAM
C Copying HD to RAM
D Copying RAM to HD

2 What should be done, after fixing a problem or installing a new application or making configuration in a computer?
A Hibernate
B Restart
C Shutdown
D Sleep

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