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Windows Operating System


Questions: Level 1

1      Which one is an example for OS?

A Antivirus

B Windows

C MS Office

D Macromedia

2      Which acts as an intermediate between a user and a computer?

A     Macros

B     Antivirus

C     MS Office

D     Operating system

3      What is the function of OS?

A calculation

B word processing

C drawing pictures

D  process & memory management

4      Where does the minimized application reside in windows?

A     Task bar

B     My computer

C     My Document

D     Recent documents



Questions: Level 2

1 Which tool in control panel is used to adjust your computer setting to control computer with voice command?

A System and security

B Appearance and personalization

C Hardware and sound

D Ease of access

2 Which control panel applet gives the information of computer?

A System and security

B Hardware and sound

C Programs

D Appearance and personalization

3 What is the extension of applet files in control panel?

A . Ctl

B . Cpl

C . Cal

D . Csl

4 Which shortcut key is used to copy and paste a file folder?

A Ctrl+ X and Ctrl + V

B Ctrl + A and Ctrl + V

C Ctrl + Z and Ctrl + V

D Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V

5 Which shortcut key is used to refresh windows desktop?

A F1

B F2

C F5

D F12

6 Which is the order of files and directories in Windows Explore?

A Serially

B Sequentially

C hierarchically

D Aplhabtically

7 Where does the pinned application stayed in Windows Os?

A Desktop

B Notification Area

C Start Button

D Task Bar

Questions: Level 3

1 What steps should be taken, if windows not updated automatically?
A start - control panel - settings - add programs - enable automatic update
B start - setting - control panel - system - enable automatic updated
C re- install windows Os
D restart windows

2 What should be done, if the pen drive is not deducted?

A Device Manger → right click on USB root hub → disable device
B Device Manger → right click on USB root hub → enable device
C Device Manger → right click on USB root hub → scan for hardware changes
D Device Manger → right click on USB root hub → Update drives

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