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Module 6 : Occupational safety

1 ABC of first aid stands for ____________
A Airway, Bleeding and Circulation

B Airway, Breathing and Circulation
C Airway, Bleeding and Compression
D Airway, Breathing and Compression

2 At what decibels, sound becomes hazardous noise pollution?
A Above 30

B Above 80
C Above 100
D Above 120

3 Earthquake is measured with an instrument called ____________
A telegraph

B seismograph
C oscillograph
D bar graph














4 Head protection is done through ___________
A helmet
B goggles
C gloves
D mask

5 In firefighting method ‘Starvation’ is _________
A limitation of oxygen
B pouring water

C elimination of fuel
D reduction of temperature

6 On the job injuries and illness, cost money time & effort. What is the most practical way to manage these losses?
A Make sure safety is part of labor contracts
B Aggressive claims handling
C Good insurance coverage

D Effective safety and loss control program

7 Ozone layer is made up of ___________
A one oxygen atom
B two oxygen atoms

C three oxygen atoms
D four oxygen atoms

8 The reprocessing of discarded materials into new useful products is called _________
A reuse of waste material

B recycling of material
C management of solid waste
D reduction in use of raw material















9 The study of living things in relation to their environment is called ……………
A ecosystem
B economics

C ecology
D eclogue

10 The three R’s to save environment are ………………
A Reserve, Reduce, Recycle
B Reuse, Reserve, Reduce
C Reserve, Reuse, Reduce

D Reduce, Recycle, Reuse

11 Vibration and radiation comes under _______
A chemical hazards

B physical hazards
C electrical hazards
D psychological hazards

12 Which one is a man induced hazards?

A Landslide
B Cyclone
C Volcano
D Earth quake

13 Which one is a non-renewable energy resource?
A Solar

B Coal
C Methane
D Hydroelectric


14 which one is an unsafe condition for work?
A Oily floor
B Good light
C Proper tools
D Adequate ventilation

















15 which one is an unsafe condition for work?
A Good light
B Proper tools
C Adequate ventilation
D Which factor is NOT concerned with

16 Which one is the main greenhouse gas responsible for global warming?
A Hydrogen
B Oxygen
C Nitrogen

D Carbon dioxide

17 Which one of the following is NOT an ergonomic hazard?
A Awkward position
B Poor housekeeping

C Emotional disturbances
D Wrong layout of machinery

18 Which one of the following is not part of 3 R’s?
A Reduce
B Recycle

C Regenerate
D Reuse

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