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Microsoft Access

1. In MS-Access press CTRL+O to

A) Open a new database

B) Open an existing database

C) Exit MS-Access

D) None of these


2. In MS-Access to open an existing database press




D) None of these


3. In MS-Access to Open a combo box




D) F9

4. In MS-Access to open new database press




D) None of these

5. Which symbol must all formula begin with:

A) @

B) =

C) +

D) %

6. In an excel sheet the active cell is indicated by:

A) A blinking border

B) A dotted border

C) A dark wide boarder

D) None of These

7. To add two cells (A1 and A2) together you use the following formula:

A) A1 plus A2

B) =A1 + A2

C) =Add(A1+A2)

D) =together(A1:A2)


8. There are three types of data found in a spreadsheet:

A) Numbers, formulas, labels

B) Data, words, numbers

C) Words, numbers, labels

D) Equations, data, numbers

9. What Are The Different Views To Display A Table
A) Datasheet View
B) Design View
C) Pivote Table & Pivot Chart View

D) All Of Above

10. Which Of The Following Creates A Drop Down List Of Values To Choose From?
A) Ole Object
B) Hyperlink
C) Memo

D) Lookup Wizard

11. The Command Center Of Access File That Appears When You Create Or Open The Ms Access Database File.
A) Database Window
B) Query Window
C) Design View Window
D) Switchboard

12. The Third Stage In Designing A Database Is When We Analyze Our Tables More Closely And Create A ___________ Between Tables

A) Relationship

B) Join

C) Query

D) None Of These

13. In A Database Table, The Category Of Information Is Called __________
A) Tuple

B) Field

C) Record

D) All Of Above

14. This Key Uniquely Identifies Each Record

A) Primary Key

B) Key Record

C) Unique Key

D) Field Name

15. It Is An Association Established Between Common
A) Line
B) Relationship
 C) Primary Key
D) Records
















16. This Is The Stage In Database Design Where One Gathers And List All The Necessary Fields For The Database Project.
 A) Data Definition
 B) Data Refinement
C) Establishing Relationship
D) None Of The Above

17. A Database Language Concerned With The Definition Of The Whole Database Structure And Schema Is ________

 D) All Of Above

18. Which Of The Field Has Width 8 Bytes?
A) Memo
B) Number
C) Date/time
 D) Hyperlink

19. Following Is Not A Database Model
A) Network Database Model
B) Relational Database Model
C) Object Oriented Database Model

 D) None

20. Microsoft Access Is A
D) Network Database Model


21. DCL Provides Commands To Perform Actions Like
A) Change The Structure Of Tables
B) Insert, Update Or Delete Records And Data Values
C) Authorizing Access And Other Control Over Database
 D) None Of Above

22. The Database Language That Allows You To Access Or Maintain Data In A Database
D) None Of Above















23. What Is The Maximum Length A Text Field Can Be?
A) 120

 B) 255
 C) 265
D) 75


24. Which Of The Following Is Not A Database Object?
A) Tables
B) Queries

 C) Relationships
 D) Reports

25. A __________ Enables You To View Data From A Table Based On A Specific Criterion
A) Form

 B) Query
 C) Macro
D) Report

26. What Are The Columns In A Microsoft Access Table Called?
A) Rows
B) Records
C) Fields
 D) Columns

27. Which Of The Following Is Not A Type Of Microsoft Access Database Object?
A) Table
B) Form

 C) Worksheets
 D) Modules


​​28. Which Of The Following Database Object Hold Data?

A) Forms

 B) Reports

 C) Queries

 D) Tables

29. Which Of The Following Store Command To Retrieve Data From Database?

 A) Forms

 B) Reports

 C) Queries

 D) Tables

30. Which Of The Following Database Object Produces The Final Result To Present?

 A) Forms

 B) Reports

 C) Queries

 D) Tables

31. Which Of The Following Is A Method To Create A New Table In Ms Access?

A) Create Table In Design View

 B) Create Table Using Wizard

 C) Create Table By Entering Data

 D) All Of Above

32. To Create A New Table, In Which Method You Don’t Need To Specify The Field Type And Size?

 A) Create Table In Design View

 B) Create Table Using Wizard

 C) Create Table By Entering Data

 D) All Of Above

33. When Creating A New Table Which Method Can Be Used To Choose Fields From Standard Databases And Tables

 A) Create Table In Design View

 B) Create Table Using Wizard

 C) Create Table By Entering Data

 D) None Of Above

34. In Table Design View, Which Key Can Be Used To Switch Between The Field Names And Properties Panels?

 A) F3

 B) F4

 C) F5

 D) F6

35. In Table Design View What Are The First Column Of Buttons Used For

 A) Indicate Primary Key

 B) Indicate Current Row

 C) Both Of Above

 D) None Of Above

36. The Default And Maximum Size Of Text Field In Access

 A) 50 And 255 Characters

 B) 8 And 1 Gb

 C) 266 Characters & 64000 Characters

 D) None Of Above










37. The Size Of Yes No Field Is Always

 A) 1 Bit

 B) 1 Byte

 C) 1 Character

 D) 1 Gb

38. Which Of The Following Is Not A Field Type In Access

 A) Memo

 B) Hyperlink

 C) Ole Object

 D) Lookup Wizard

39. The Size Of A Field With Number Data Type Can Not Be

 A) 2

 B) 4

 C) 8

 D) 16

40. Which Field Type Will You Select When Creating A New Table If You Require To Enter Long Text In That Field?

 A) Text

 B) Memo

 C) Currency

 D) Hyperlink

41. Which Field Type Can Store Photos?

 A) Hyperlink

 B) Ole

 C) Both Of These Can Be Used

 D) Access Tables Can’t Store Photos






42. When Entering Field Name, How Many Characters You Can Type In Maximum?

 A) 60

 B) 64

 C) 68

 D) Any Number Of Character

43. Which of the following database object is created first before any other created?
A) Table
 B) Form
C) Report
D) Query

44. This type of database contains multiple tables that are connected to produce combined output from all tables.
A) Bound
B) Linked
C) Relational
 D) Joined

45. The ‘Filter by selection’ allows you to filter those records
A) That match the selected field
 B) That match the criteria specified
C) That meet any of several criteria specified
D) All of above

46. The operation of checking input data against specified criteria is known as?
A) Data Verification
B) Data Validation
 C) Cross Check
D) Data Control

47. Some rules are set in databases to check and permit only correct values. What is this feature called?
A) Data Verification
B) Auditing
C) Data Filtering
D) Data Validation















48. Database access levels are specified so as to define who can access what in a database. It is identified through
 A) User ID
 B) Password
C) Status
D) None of above


49. What it is called to present information in a particular order based on numeric or alphabetical value?
 A) Sorting
 B) Searching
C) Arranging
D) Cropping

50. A collection of related records in database is known as a
A) Table
B) Database

 C) File
 D) None of above

51. A part of database that stores complete information about an entity such as employee, sales, orders etc.
A) File

 B) Record
 C) Field
D) Query

52. To create this, you enter an expression in the design grid that instructs Access to perform a calculation using the current field values.
A) Formulated field
B) Numeric field
C) Formula field

 D) Calculated field

53. The ascending order of data hierarchy is?
A) Bit - Byte - Field - Record - File - Database
 B) Bit - Byte - Record - Field - File - Database
C) Byte - Bit - Field - Record - File - Database
D) Bit - Byte - Field - Record - Database - File

54. Which of the following database object can be used if you need to mail the invoice to customers?


 A) A form
B) A Query

 C) A report
 D) A Table

55. When creating an input mask this character does not require an entry, but if an entry is made it must be a letter from A-Z
A) ?
 B) !
C) #
D) \

56. In Access, this displays the results of a calculation in a query
A) Lookup field

 B) Calculated field
 C) Source field
D) Child field

57. In Access, this operation copies a backup file from the storage medium back onto the computer
A) Recreate
B) Restore
 C) Copy
D) Structure

58. If you make an invalid entry in the Input Mask Wizard dialog box, this will display to advise you that the entry is not correct
A) Text error
B) Validation error
 C) Literal error
D) Entry error

59. In the Form Wizard dialog box, the fields from the selected table are displayed in this list box.
A) All Fields
B) All Records
C) Available Records
D) Available Fields

60. This form displays the field name labels down the left side of the column, with the data for each field just to the right of its corresponding label.
A) Tabular
B) Justified
C) Columnar
 D) Datasheet

61. This form displays data in a table layout with field name labels across the top of the page and the corresponding data in rows and columns under each heading.
A) Columnar
B) Justified
C) Datasheet
D) Tabular


62. This form displays multiple records, one per row, in the Form window
 A) Datasheet
 B) Tabular
C) Columnar
D) Justified

63. The file extension for an Access 2003 database is


64. Which of the following is a database management system?
A) MS Word
B) MS Excel

 C) Oracle
 D) Lotus 1-2-3

65. Which of the following columns does not exist in Macro Design window?
A) Arguments
B) Comments
C) Conditions
 D) Actions

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