Module 7 Labour welfare legislation

1 As per factories act, 1948 canteen should be provided in the factory if, workers are more than.......
A 100

B 250
C 500
D 1000

2 Under factories Act, the restriction on working time of women is.......
A before 5 AM and beyond 7 PM

B before 6 AM and beyond 7 PM
C before 6 AM and beyond 8 PM
D before 7 AM and beyond 8 PM

3 Under Factories Act, the workers weekly hours should not exceed more than.......
A 60 hours
B 50 hours

C 48 hours
D 40 hours














4 What is the expansion of ILO?
A International Labour Organization
B Indian Labour Organization
C Indian Labour Occupation
D International Labour Occupation

5 What is the minimum percentage of employee’s contribution from the basic salary, as `  per EPF Act, 1962?
A 8.50%
B 9%

C 12%
D 12.50%

6 Which amount does include in “wages” amount as per payment wages Act?

A Dearness allowance
B Any travelling allowances
C Any remuneration payable in respect of
D Any remuneration payable under any award

7 Which factor is NOT concerned with occupational health and safety?
A Safety
B Health
C Welfare

D Salary




















8 Which one of the following is an air pollutant?
A Oxygen
B Nitrogen
C Carbon dioxide

D Carbon monoxide

9 Which scheme of Act provides health insurance requirements for workers?
A Factories Act
B Plantation Labor Act
C Employee’s Compensation Act

D Employee’s state Insurance Act