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Module 4 Entrepreneurship skills

1 A person who is associated with the starting of business is called........
A merchant

B entrepreneur
C businessman
D sales executive

2 As compared to small scale business, large scale business require........
A less no. of persons
B less no. of capital

C more no. of person
D small machines and tools

3 Entrepreneurship is also termed as…..
A investor
B employer

C self employment
D employment seeker

4 For medium manufacturing enterprises, the investment in plant and machinery is between….
A 10 Lakhs to 2 Crores
B 25 Lakhs to 5 Crores
C 2 Crores to 5 Crores

D 5 Crores to 10 Crores











5 In “SWOT” analysis, “S” stands for........
A Success

B Strength
C Survey
D Service

6 In an economic growth, role of entrepreneur is to........
A generate unemployment
B stagnate standard of living

C improve per capita income
D unbalance the regional development

7 In SWOT analysis which pair is helpful?
A Strengths, Weakness

B Strengths, Opportunities
C Threats, Weakness
D Threats, Opportunities

8 Money invested in purchasing of raw materials,payment of wages and salaries, rental, electricity etc comes under........

A working capital
B fixed capital
C long term capital
D capital income
Ans : A
9 MSME stands for........
A Micro, Scale and Medium Enterprises
B Macro, Small and Medium Enterprises

C Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises
D Minor, Small and Medium Enterprises

10 Paid form of ideas, goods and services are called........
A publicity
B goodwill
C public relation

D advertisement



















11 The enterprises engaged in the production of goods is known as........
A manufacturing enterprise
B service enterprises
C micro enterprises
D macro enterprises

12 The expansion of GDP is........

A Gross Domestic Product
B Godown Demand Product
C Grand Demand Product
D Giant Domestic Product

13 The expansion of SIDO is........

A Small Industries Development Organization
B Small Income Development Organization
C Small Investment Development Organization
D Standard Industry Development Organization

14 What approach is used to gain access to foreign markets and quickly promote an organizations interest?
A Licensing
B Collaboration

C Joint venture
D Technology transfer

15 Which investment is considered for deciding the status of manufacturing enterprises?
A Working capital
B Building and land

C Plant and machinery
D Salary of employees

16 Which one is a correct channel through which marketers can reach customers?
A Manufacture -> Retailer -> Wholesaler -> Customer
B Manufacturer -> Customer -> Retailer

C Manufacturer -> Retailer -> Customer
D Manufacturer -> Retailer -> Customer -> Wholesaler














17 Which one is a web based accounting A software designed for modern business



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