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Module 1 & 2: Safe Working Practice & Introduction to Computer Components

Questions: Level 1

1 Which is the sequence, in which computer operates?
A Input, output, process

B Input, process, output
C Process, input, output
D Output, process, input

2 Which is the first general purpose programmable electronic computer?

3 What type of device is computer?
A Electrical device

B Electronic device
C Electro magnetic
D Electro mechanical

4 Who is considered as father of computer?
A Charles Babbage
B John Lickert
C John Mauchy
D M.V Wilkes

5 Who invented Analytical engine?
A Charles Babbage
B John Lickert
C John Mauchy
D M.V Wilkes

6 What is the main electronic component of the first generation computer?
A Integrated circuit
B Microprocess
C Transistors

D Vacuum tubes

Questions: Level 2

1 How does the parallel port transfer a byte?
A Bit by bit
B 2 bits at a time
C 4 bits at a time
D 8 bits at a time

2 Which is an internal power supply units of CPU?

D Stabilizer

3 What is the purpose of expansion slot in mother board ?
A To insert the RAM
B To insert the mouse
C To insert the keyboard

D To insert the additional peripherals

4 What is the purpose of memory unit in a computer?
A Accepts data
B Displays data
C Process data

D Stores data

5 How many pins are there in DIMM?
A 138
B 148
C 158

D 168

6 How many pins are there in SIMMs?
A 32 – 72
B 42 – 82
C 52 – 92
D 62 -102

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