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Module 2 I.T. Literacy

1 1 Byte = ___________
A 2 bits
B 4 bits

C 8 bits
D 16 bits

2 A computer system consists of __________
A software and program

B hardware and software
C mouse and keyboard
D circuit diagram

3 A program that infects other program by modifying them is called __________

A virus
B antivirus
C web page
D note pad

4 A software application used to enable computer users to locate and access web page is called ___________

A web browser
B web server
C web site
D email

5 An illegal activity committed on the internet is called___________
A virus

B cyber crime
C search engine
D social networking

6 Computer network that spans a regional, national or global area is called __________


7 CPU consists of _________

A Control unit and ALU
B Storage device and ALU
C Input and output devices
D Input device and control unit

8 CPU stands for ________
A Central Programming Unit

B Central Processing Unit
C Central Planning Unit
D Central Progress Unit













9 For short distance, which network type should be used?

10 In an email, where will you add the recipient email address whom you want to send the copy of an email?
A To

C Bcc
D Subject

11 In Excel, the intersection of a row and column is called a _________

A cell
B label
C square
D worksheet

12 In MS Excel, collection of work sheet is known as ___________
A worksheet

B workbook
C excel book
D sheet work

13 In MS Excel, to insert a formula in cell, we must begin the entry with an operator ___________

A =
B $
C @
D #
Ans : A
14 In MS Paint, which extension is not supported _________
A .jpeg

B .doc
C .gif
D .png

15 In which orientation, the text is printed length wise?
A Landscape
B Margin

C Portrait
D Width

16 In which orientation, the text is printed width wise?
A Width
B Margin
C Portrait

D Landscape















17 program that infects other programs by modifying them is called___________
A search engine

B virus
C antivirus
D cyber crime

18 Spread sheets are saved with extension _________

A .xls
B .doc
C .pdf
D .mp3

19 Spread sheets are saved with extension___________
A .pdf
B .doc

C .xls
D .mp3

20 The expansion of LAN is ___________
A Local Area Name

B Local Area Network
C Logical Area Network
D Legal Area Network

21 The expansion of RAM is __________
A Read Octet Machine

B Random Access Memory
C Read Access Memory
D Random Access Machine

22 The expansion of ROM is ____________
A Read Octet Machine

B Read Only Memory
C Random Only Memory
D Rewrite Octet Machine

23 The expansion of WAN is ___________
A Wide Area Name
B Web Assigned Name

C Wide Area Network
D Web Aided Network

24 What does ‘ASAP’ stand for, in SMS language?
A As Silent As Probable
B As Soon As Probable

C As Soon As Possible
D As Simple As Possible

25 What is a shortcut key for “Copy” command?

A Ctrl + C
B Ctrl + V
C Ctrl + A
D Ctrl + X





















26 What is a shortcut key for “cut’’ command?
A Ctrl +C
B Ctrl+V
C Ctrl+A

D Ctrl+X

27 What is a shortcut key for “select all” command?
A Ctrl +C
B Ctrl+V

C Ctrl+A
D Ctrl+X

28 What is shortcut key for “Paste” command?
A Ctrl + C

B Ctrl + V
C Ctrl + A
D Ctrl + X

29 What is the cell address of 4th row and 4th column?
A 4D
B E4

C D4
D B4

30 What is the default name of newly created folder in windows?
A Folder
B New

C New folder
D Blank

31 What is the expansion of “FYI” SMS?

A For Your Information
B For Your Identification
C For Your Internet
D For Your Innocence





















32 Where all deleted files will be stored?
B Official folder
C Personal folder

D Recycle bin

33 Which device is used to connect telephone line to a PC?
A Modem
B Monitor
C Printer
D Hard disk

34 Which is a shortcut key for ‘Copy’ command?
A Ctrl + V

B Ctrl + C
C Ctrl + A
D Ctrl + X

35 Which one is a “Don’t” of information security?
A Use hard to guess passwords

B Disclose password to anyone
C Take backup data of your PC periodically
D Encrypt laptop hard drive and mobile devices

36 Which one is a cyber crime?
A Sending email
B Online purchasing

C Online gambling
D Chatting with friends

37 Which one is a file management tool that comes with windows?
A Control panel

B Window explorer
C Desktop
D Notepad

38 Which one is a search engine?
A Flickr
B Hotmail
C Facebook

D Google

39 Which one is a search engine?
A Flickr
B Orkut
C Hotmail

D yahoo
Ans : D

40 Which one is a social networking site?
A Outlook express

B Facebook
C Lotus notes
D Mozilla

41 Which one is a web browser?
A Face book
B Hot mail

C Internet explorer
D Outlook express




















42 Which one is an input device?
A Speaker

B Joystick
C Monitor
D Printer

43 Which one is an output device of the computer?

A Printer
C Mouse
D Keyboard

44 Which one is NOT a storage device?

A Printer
B Video tape
C USB flash drive
D Memory card

45 Which one is the disadvantage of social networking sites?
A Instant communication

B Make addictive
C Access to information
D Online marketing for business

46 Which one of the following options shows the synonyms for a word, we type in MS word?

A Thesaurus
B Spell check
C Hyperlink
D Style

47 You withdraw Rs_500/- from an ATM_ The ATM machine gives out Rs_5000/-_ Which of the following would be ethically correct?

A Make a complaint
B Take the money
C Drop the money near ATM
D Give the money to the poor


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