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Module 1 English Literacy

1 A resume should be __________
A short and precise
B fancy and colourful
C having long and detailed information
D having acronyms and abbreviation


2 A written description of duties and responsibilities to be carried out in a job is called ___________

B job description
C resume
D job application


3 A written description of duties and responsibilities to be carried out in a job is called___________
B resume

C job description
D job application

4 After receiving interview call, what is the next step?
A Send application letter
B Prepare the resume

C Appear at interview
D Send resume

5 Choose suitable “wh” word for the given sentence_ “___________ animal do you like?”

A Which
B Why
C Where
D When


















6 Choose the correct punctuation mark after the word “Rohan” in the given sentence_ “Rohan David and Ram are playing hide and seek”.
A Comma (,)
B Period (_)
C Slash (/)
D Hyphen (-)

7 Choose the correct response for the given question. “How have you been”?

A Very well, And you?
B Thank you, And you?
C Same to you
D On vacation, And you?

8 Choose the correct response of the given question “When did the accident happen”?
A in the hotel
B during traveling

C At 10:30 last night
D On the table

9 Choose the correct tense of the verb. “I __________music when I was child.”
A learn
B am learning
C will learn

D learnt
















10 Curriculum Vitae (CV) is also known as__________
A resume
B job description
C cover letter
D application letter

11 Curriculum vitae is also known as ___________
A circular

B resume
C job application form
D leave application

12 Fill in the blank with comparative adjective_

“Your pencil is__________ than mine”.
A sharp

B sharper
C blunt
D thick

13 Fill in the blank with correct future tense of verb “We ___________ to the zoo after Breakfast “ A went
B are going
C had gone

D will go

14 Fill in the blank with correct word “They _________ good friends”
A is
B am

C are
D was

15 Fill in the blank with present progressive tense of the verb “The train __________ through the tunnel”
A passed

B is passing
C had passed
D was passing

16 Fill in the blank with proper interrogative adjective “ ___________ are you going?
A Who

B Where
C Which
D What

17 Fill in the blank with proper pronoun “I made this cake ___________”

A myself
B yourself
C himself
D itself

18 Fill in the blank with proper pronoun. “She made this cake ___________”
A itself
B myself

C herself
D himself














19 Fill in the blank with proper reflexive pronoun. “She has hurt___________”
A myself

B herself
C himself
D itself

20 Fill in the blank with suitable adjective for the given sentence “The little girl’s…… eyes revealed her mischief”
A chubby
B weak
C short sighted

D twinkling

21 Fill in the blank with suitable place preposition_ “My house is ___________the third floor” ?
A at
B in

C on
D under

22 Fill in the correct question word ______________ is the speaker at the function” ?
A What
B When
C Why

D Who

23 Low level language is also called ___________
A source code
B middle ware

C machine language
D assembly language

24 Pronunciation refers to___________
A diphthong
B consonant
C punctuation

D production of sound
Ans : D

25 Re-arrange the following set of words into meaningful sentence_ “teacher / school / worked / she / a / as”
A School worked as a she teacher

B She worked as a school teacher
C She teacher worked as a school
D Worked she as a school teacher

26 The word that expresses a sudden and strong feeling is called_________
A punctuation

B interjection
C conjunction
D apostrophe











27 When you greet higher official’s such as Teacher, Instructor or Supervisor, you should use ___________
A “Good morning”
B “Hello”
C “Hey”
D “Hi”

28 Which is a silent letter in the word “ANSWER”?


29 Which one is a “Do’s” of discussion etiquette?
A Loose your temper

B Listen to others
C Talk about irrelevant details
D Use impolite or rude language

30 Which one is a “Don’t” of discussion etiquette?
A Be open minded
B Use moderate tone
C Listen to others

D Argue unnecessary

31 Which one is a brain of computer?
A Keyboard

C Monitor
D Hard disk

32 Which one is a cardinal number?

A 10

33 Which one is a cardinal number?

D 3

34 Which one is a cardinal number?
B 10th
C 1st

D 1

35 Which one is a cardinal number?
A One
B Fifth
C Eighth
D Second

36 Which one is an exclamatory sentence?

A What a beautiful house it is!
B It is a beautiful house_
C Is it a beautiful house?
D Your house is beautiful_

37 Which one is in active voice?

A Ram has passed the exam_
B The ball was caught by him_
C The book was being read by her_
D We were driven home by dad_

38 Which one is in passive voice?
A Mohan is painting a house
B She was reading a book

C Her birthday was celebrated by us
D I have seen that movie

39 Which one is NOT a conjunction?
A And
B Or
C But

D On





40 Which one is NOT a benefit of the role playing?
A Builds confidence
B Develops listening skill
C Develops creative problem-solving skill

D Develops boredom

41 Which one is NOT a vowel?
A a
B e

C f
D i

42 Which one of the following is a good office etiquette?

A One should dress formally
B One should not be punctual to work
C One should have fancy mobile ring tone
D One should litter one’s work place

43 Word that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning is called__________________

A homophone
B homograph
C diphthong
D syllable


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