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Module 3 Communication

1 “KAIZEN” means _______________
A self-discipline
B preventive maintenance
C sorting out

D continuous improvement

2 Choose the correct context of the given expression in group discussion” Excuse me, I would_________”
A Interrupting
B Agreeing
C Summarising
D Emphasizing a point

3 Communication that involves exchanging information without use of words is called __________
A verbal communication
B pictorial communication
C written communication

D non verbal communication

4 Dedication to a particular work is called_________
A confidence

B commitment
C Intelligence
D integrity

5 Dedication to a particular work is called_________
A integrity
B confidence

C commitment
D intelligence


6 Expansions of SMS is___________
A Simple Message Service
B Short Mail Service
C Simple Memo Service

D Short Message Service















7 For “SMART” Goal, S stands for_________
A social
B scientific

C specific
D strength

8 Gesture “biting nails” shows __________
A boredom

B insecurity
C confidence
D defensiveness

9 Gesture “Brisk & erect walking” shows
A boredom
B defensiveness

C confidence
D insecurity

10 Gesture “Brisk erect walk” shows__________
A insecurity
B boredom

C confidence
D defensiveness












11 Goals are categorized as ______________
A good and bad
B inner and outer
C intrinsic and extrinsic

D short-term and long-term

12 Goals are classified as_________
A big and small goal

B long term and short-term goal
C important and not important goal
D intrinsic and extrinsic goal

13 In face to face communication, body language accounts for ___________
A 7%
B 38%

C 55%
D 100%

14 Intrinsic motivation is……
A short lived

B long lasting
C for money or reward
D to gain social acceptance

15 Listening to Railway or Flight announcement,teacher’s lecture comes under_ __________
A critical listening
B appreciative listening
C therapeutic listening

D comprehensive listening

16 Listening to songs only to derive pleasure comes under _________
A critical listening
B therapeutic listening

C appreciative listening
D comprehensive listening













17 Motivation is categories into __________
A intrinsic and extrinsic
B good and bad
C inner and outer
D high and low

18 Noise, physical discomfort of hotness or coldness comes under _________
A culture barrier
B language barrier
C perception barrier

D environment barrier

19 Rise and fall of pitch of voice is called__________
A vowel

B intonation
C consonant
D pronunciation

20 The study of right and wrong in human endeavor is called __________
A motivation
B self-awareness

C ethics
D goal

21 What is a drawback of role playing?
A Builds confidence
B Develops listening skills

C Doesn’t provide real situation
D Develop creative problem solving

22 What should come next after “selecting the solution” in problem solving process?
A Look for alternate
B Root cause analysis
C Identify the problem

D Implement the solution

23 Which factor helps to motivate people?
A Lack of focus
B Lack of confidence
C Lack of direction

D Lack of nervousness

24 Which one is 3P’s of public speaking?
A Possess, present, practice

B Prepare, Practice, perform
C Publish, pleasant, perfect
D Perfection, Performance, painstaking















25 Which one is a “Do’s” for interview etiquette?
A Nervousness
B Informal dress

C Clam approach
D Excessive gesture

26 Which one is a “don’t” in interview etiquette?
A Be confident
B Dress appropriately
C Proper eye contact

D Lie about your abilities to get job

27 Which one is a barrier to speaking?
A Poor listening
B Lack of time

C Nervousness
D Reluctant to read

28 Which one is a Do’s in interview etiquette?
A Dress too casually
B Lie about abilities to get job

C Be confident
D Too excessive in gesture

29 Which one is a good communication?

A Message is clear and direct
B Message is ambiguous
C Sender attacks receiver
D Receiver doesn’t listen to sender

30 Which one is an email etiquette?

A Keep email short
B Send virus infected mail
C Forward false messages
D Use all caps or small letter in email



















31 Which one is considered to be a good communication?
A Message is ambiguous

B Sender is positive towards receiver
C Receiver doesn’t listen to sender
D Sender attacks receiver

32 Which one is considered to be a poor communication?

A Message is ambiguous
B Message is clear and direct
C Receiver is open to listen
D Sender is positive towards receiver

33 Which one is NOT a benefit of oral communication?
A It is quick

B It is for record
C It is direct
D Feedback is immediate

34 Which one is NOT a part of Triple ‘A” listening?

A Anxiety
B Attitude
C Attention
D Adjustment

35 Which one is NOT an article?
A a
B an

C in
D the

36 Which one is NOT an element of 3P’s of public speaking?
A Prepare
B Practice

C Posses
D Perform

37 Which one is NOT an essential characteristic to achieve success?
A Commitment
B Integrity
C Confidence

D Unethical work

38 Which one is NOT the outcome of positive attitude?
A enthusiasm
B creativity

C boredom
D problem solving attitude

39 Which one is the latest and effective means of modern communication?
A Fax
B Postal mail

C Electronic mail
D Message through TV

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